Future proof your property portfolio

The General Election, Landlord Taxes, Brexit, President Trump……

2017 is shaping up to be a very interesting year. With a general election around the corner, new landlord taxes coming into force and further political and financial questions to be asked with Brexit on the horizon, it is no surprise that property investors are trying to work what is the best strategy to deal with it all. Should you buy? Should you sell? Is renting really worth it anymore?

2016 Property Market Review

We are seven weeks into 2017 and the figures have now been collated to gain a fair review of the property market in 2016.

The average house price in the UK increased by 7.2% in 2016 taking the average property value in the country to £219,544, information released today shows. England had the largest increase at 7.7% with Wales (4.7%), Northern Ireland (5.7%) and Scotland (3.5%) showing modest growth.

5 Golden Rules of Property Investment

Anyone seriously interested in property investment needs to be aware of some obvious, yet often overlooked, guiding principles in order to give themselves the best chance of succeeding with any property purchase.

Choices Investments has compiled its own “5 Golden Rules” which we have gleaned from our over 28 years of experience in the property sector and made them the basis of our Retained Client Service.