At Choices Investments, we have a simple goal of achieving financial security for our clients through property investments. We offer a range of services that suit both the novice and experienced investor.

As a Retained Client you will have your own dedicated property investment consultant to help you create your own property buying plan and put it into action. Your consultant will make pro-active recommendations and crucially you will know about below market value properties as they become available.

By dealing with us, you can be assured that you are dealing with a company committed to helping out clients achieve financial security through property investment. Our motto is to under promise and over deliver and to ensure that you are better off with our help than by going it alone.

Benefits of our service

  • 15-30% Discounts from current market values due to our bulk buying power
  • Due Diligence & research all done for you on the property and surrounding areas
  • Expert advice available on property, mortgages, legals & taxation from recommended affiliates
  • National Asset Management Service
  • Unique Primary Tenancy™

Why do we charge subscription fees?

We are able to offer such fantastic investment opportunities as we can prove we have committed and motivated buyers. When a vendor is reducing the price of their property, what they are entitled to in return is a quick and certain sale. By asking for a subscription fee we are ensuring the credibility and value of our service for everyone’s sake

£999+vat plus buyer’s commission

Financial Security for your Future

Choices Investments is part of the Choices Estate Agency Group which was formed in 1989. We are committed to helping our clients achieve financial security through property by offering a truly complete property investment service on a national basis.

As a property investor you have a choice – you can do it yourself or you can get some help. At Choices Investments, our job is to make sure you are better off with our help than by going it alone.

Whatever happens, our centralised support services will be there to ensure your property investments are carefully chosen, skilfully negotiated and professionally managed on your behalf.

With nearly 30 years experience in property investment, we have certainly seen it all and are here to make sure we can pass that experience onto you.