Landlords – let your property with peace of mind.

Do you recall a time when buy to let property was a much simpler investment. Rents constantly rose, the rules and regulations were relatively light and even the cost of getting it wrong was a lot less than it is now. Things have changed! There are now so many regulatory restrictions and pitfalls that it no longer makes any sense to manage your portfolio yourself. Even traditional high street agents can no longer offer landlords the reach, security & peace of mind they need – many are just too small & lack the experience and resources to cope.

Choices have been innovators in the Lettings market since 1989. We have learned from our experience and developed an approach that goes way beyond mere agency and puts the needs of our Landlords at the very forefront of our service.

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* Landlord Rent Guarantee
Unlike a conventional agent we can guarantee your rent without the need for complicated insurance.
* Legal Protection
If a tenant has to be evicted we cover all/part of the cost & carry out the process without you having to be involved.
* Identity Protection with The Primary Tenancy™
We shield your identity from your tenants, giving you greater privacy and protection.
* National Asset Management
Our service is available nationwide wherever your properties happen to be.
* Landlord Rescue
If you are already having problems with an existing Tenancy  – just get in touch, help is at hand.
*A discount for the first six months
We are so confident you will want to stay with us we offer new Landlords the first six months for a heavily discounted rate*.

As a group established in 1989, with nearly 2500 properties under management, here at Choices we have the resources, experience & economies of scale to offer our enhanced service on a cost effective basis. In this fast changing Lettings market you owe it to yourself to get the most from your property – more money, less hassle and more peace of mind.

That’s our promise so don’t miss out – Choose Innovation, Choose Freedom, Choose Choices.

*Terms and conditions apply – full details upon request